Li, Kwan-Lok
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物理系 助理教授(Physics, Assistant Prof.)
  國立清華大學博士(Ph.D., National Tsing Hua University)
專 長(Expertises)
  多信息天文學、緻密星(Multi-Messenger Astronomy, Compact Objects)
經 歷(Experiences)
  • 2020–迄今 國立成功大學: 助理教授; National Cheng Kung University: Assistant Professor
  • 2019–2020 國立清華大學: 助理研究學者; National Tsing Hua University: Assistant Research Scholar
  • 2018–2019 國立蔚山科學技術研究院: 博士後研究員; Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology: Postdoctoral Fellow
  • 2015–2018 密西根州立大學: 博士後研究員; Michigan State University: Research Associate
開授課程(Teaching Courses)
    歷屆學生(Graduate Students Supervised)
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      著 作(Publications)

      第一/二作者論文; Refereed Journals As First/Second Author:

      [1] The Flare-Dominated Accretion Mode of a Radio-Bright Candidate Transitional Millisecond Pulsar
      Kwan-Lok Li, Jay Strader, James C. A. Miller-Jones, Craig O. Heinke, and Laura Chomiuk, ApJ, 895, 89 (2020)

      [2] High Energy Radiation from Spider Pulsars
      Chung Yue Hui and Kwan Lok Li, invited review article published by Galaxies, 7, 93 (2019)

      [3] The Face Changing Companion of the Redback Millisecond Pulsar PSR J1048+2339
      Y. X. Yap (supervised student), K. L. Li, Albert K. H. Kong, J. Takata, Jongsu Lee, and C. Y. Hui, A&A, 621, 9 (2019)

      [4] Multi-Wavelength Observations of a New Redback Millisecond Pulsar Candidate: 3FGL J0954.8-3948
      Kwan-Lok Li, Xian Hou, Jay Strader, Jumpei Takata, Albert K. H. Kong, Laura Chomiuk, Samuel J. Swihart, Chung Yue Hui, and K. S. Cheng, ApJ, 863, 194 (2018)

      [5] The X-Ray Modulation of PSR J2032+4127/MT91 213 During the Periastron Passage in 2017
      Kwan-Lok Li, J. Takata, C. W. Ng, A. K. H. Kong, P. H. T. Tam, C. Y. Hui, and K. S. Cheng, ApJ, 857, 123 (2018)

      [6] A Nova Outburst Powered By Shocks
      Kwan-Lok Li, Brian D. Metzger, Laura Chomiuk, Indrek Vurm, Jay Strader, Thomas Finzell, Andrei M. Beloborodov, Thomas Nelson, Benjamin J. Shappee, Christopher S. Kochanek, Jose L. Prieto, Stella Kafka, Thomas W.-S. Holoien, Todd A. Thompson, Paul J. Luckas, and Hiroshi Itoh, Nature Astronomy, 1, 697 (2017)

      [7] Swift, XMM-Newton, and NuSTAR Observations of PSR J2032+4127/MT91 213
      Kwan-Lok Li, A. K. H. Kong, P. H. T. Tam, X. Hou, J. Takata, and C. Y. Hui, ApJ, 843, 85 (2017)

      [8] Swift Detection of a 65-Day X-Ray Period from the Ultraluminous Pulsar NGC 7793 P13
      C. P. Hu, Kwan-Lok Li, A. K. H. Kong, C. Y. Ng, and L. C. C. Lin, ApJL, 835, 9 (2017)

      [9] Discovery of a Redback Millisecond Pulsar Candidate: 3FGL J0212.1+5320
      Kwan-Lok Li, Albert K. H. Kong, Xian Hou, Jirong Mao, Jay Strader, Laura Chomiuk, and Evangelia Tremou, ApJ, 833, 143 (2016)

      [10] A New Gamma-Ray Loud, Eclipsing Low-Mass X-Ray Binary
      Jay Strader, Kwan-Lok Li, Laura Chomiuk, Craig O. Heinke, Andrzej Udalski, Mark Peacock, Laura Shishkovsky, and Evangelia Tremou, ApJ, 831, 89 (2016)

      [11] Chandra and Swift X-Ray Observations of the X-Ray Pulsar SMC X-2 During the Outburst of 2015
      Kwan-Lok Li, C.-P. Hu, L. C. C. Lin, and Albert K. H. Kong, ApJ, 828, 74 (2016)

      [12] A Likely Inverse-Compton Emission from the Type IIb SN 2013df
      Kwan-Lok Li and A. K. H. Kong, Scientific Reports, 6, 30638 (2016)

      [13] High-Energy Observations of PSR B1259-63/LS 2883 Through the 2014 Periastron Passage: Connecting X-Rays to the GeV Flare
      P. H. T. Tam, Kwan-Lok Li, A. K. H. Kong, J. Takata, and C. Y. Hui, ApJL, 798, L26 (2015)

      [14] NuSTAR Observations and Broadband Spectral Energy Distribution Modeling of the Millisec-ond Pulsar Binary PSR J1023+0038
      Kwan-Lok Li, A. K. H. Kong, J. Takata, K. S. Cheng, P. H. T. Tam, C. Y. Hui, and Ruolan Jin, ApJ, 797, 111 (2014)

      [15] Multi-Wavelength Emissions from the Millisecond Pulsar Binary PSR J1023+0038 During an Accretion Active State
      J. Takata, Kwan-Lok Li, G. C. K. Leung, A. K. H. Kong, P. H. T. Tam, C.Y. Hui, E. M. H. Wu, Y. Xing, Y. Cao, S. Tang, Z. Wang, and K. S. Cheng, ApJ, 785, 131 (2014)

      [16] A Luminous Be+White Dwarf Supersoft Source in the Wing of the SMC: MAXI J0158-744
      Kwan-Lok Li, A. K. H. Kong, P. A. Charles, T. N. Lu, E. S. Bartlett, M. J. Coe, V. McBride, A. Rajoelimanana, A. Udalski, N. Masetti, and T. Franzen, ApJ, 761, 99 (2012)

      榮譽榜(Honors & Awards)

      2020–2025 教育部 玉山(青年)學者; Yushan (Young) Scholar (MOE)
      2020–2025 科技部 愛因斯坦培植計畫; The Einstein Program (MOST)