About the Chiku Wetlands

Sunset : Estuary of Tzengwen River

  1. Location:
  2. In the Chiku village of the Tainan county, to the north of Tainan and on the south west coast of Taiwan. Bounded by the Tzengwen Creek in the south and the Jiangjiun Creek in the north. The Chiku Wetlands lies on 20 kilometers of the south west coast of Taiwan and has a total area of over 5000 hectares.

  3. Components :
  4. sandbanks; lagoons (the largest is the Chiku Lagoon with an area of around 1700 hectares); fishponds ; salt ponds

  5. The ecological importance:

  6. Utilization of the wetlands by the local people:
  7. The lagoons are mainly used for oyster farming and fishing with fixed fishing-nets . The oyster farming also occurs in the tidal_ditches sprawling around this area. Except lagoons, the rest of the Chiku Wetlands are mainly fishponds and saltponds.