R3T4X13 Type


Superconducting ternary stannides with a Yb3Rh4Sn13-type structure (space group Pm3n) continue to attract attention in the field of solid state physics due to indications of unconventional superconductivity and peculiar behavior in the normal states. Marked features have been observed near T* ~ 35 K, 147 K, 138 K, and 152 K in Ca3Ir4Sn13, Sr3Ir4Sn13, Sr3Rh4Sn13 and La3Co4Sn13, respectively. The anomalies in Sr3Ir4Sn13 and Sr3Rh4Sn13 have been associated with the charge-density-wave instability.

LnM2Al10 Type



The LnM2Al10 compounds have the orthorhombic YbFe2Al10 structure with space group Cmcm. The Kondo insulating behavior in CeFe2Al10 is due to the strong hybridization between the localized f and conduction band electrons. It also lacks any magnetic order and phase transition. CeRu2Al10 shows the phase transition and AF order at T* = 27 K. YFe2Al10 may be located close to a QCP and the magnetic order is absent for T > 0.09 K.

RT(Bi/Sb)2 Type

The RT(Bi/Sb)2 compounds crystallizes in the tetragonal structure (P4/nmm and I4/mmm). The (Bi/Sb) square net and different stacking near the Bi net are related to the anisotropic Dirac cone. Large MR and quantum oscillations was reported in LaAgSb2, LaAgBi2, and (Sr/Ca)MnBi2. The anisotropic Dirac cone in SrMnBi2 is predicted by theoretical calculation and confirmed by ARPES measurements.