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*視訊演講* Molecular level exploration in atmospheric and fundamental physical science using sensitive cavity-enhanced techniques (利用靈敏共振腔增強技術、從分子尺度探索大氣科學及物理的基本問題)

Speaker : 博士 陳姿伶 ( )
Location :
Time : 2021 / 02 / 23 11:00
My research interest is at the intersection of AMO (atoms, molecules, and optics) physics and atmospheric chemistry. Already, atmospheric chemistry has been a key discipline in understanding climate change and air pollution, but over the next few years, progress in sensitive chemical sensing is essential if fundamental understanding of atmospheric processes in interpreting and predicting the future climate is to improve. My goal is based on AMO tools to develop highly sensitive cavity-based molecular spectrometers specialized for studying the atmospheric aerosols or radicals to understand their roles in changing climate, and to address the fundamental problems of nuclear-spin and chiral isomers. With particular focus on two interesting topics, physiochemical properties of single-particle aerosol and nuclear spin conversion, in this talk, I will present the importance of these problems, my track record towards their solutions, and how I plan to proceed.