Physics department (Colloquium)

Soliton Random Walk and Oscillations in Fuzzy Dark Matter

Speaker : 助理教授 薛熙于 (國立臺灣大學物理學系)
Location :
Time : 2021 / 03 / 26 14:10
Fuzzy dark matter exhibits rich wave-like structures, including a soliton core within a surrounding halo that continuously self-interferes on the de Broglie scale. In this talk, I will address both the soliton random walk and density oscillations at the base of the halo potential. The former is significant for the fate of the ancient central star cluster in Eridanus II, as the agitated soliton gravitationally shakes the star cluster in and out of the soliton on a time scale of 100 Myr, so complete tidal disruption of the star cluster can occur within 1 Gyr. This destructive effect can be mitigated by tidal stripping of the halo of Eridanus II, thereby reducing the agitation. In comparison, the soliton oscillations have a characteristic timescale much longer than that of the star cluster, and thus the associated gravitational heating is inefficient.