Physics department (Colloquium)

VUV Spectroscopy Application: Photon Induced Desorption of Interstellar Ice

Speaker : 副教授兼副系主任 陳俞融 (國立中央大學物理學系)
Location :
Time : 2021 / 05 / 07 14:10
After H2O, carbon monoxide (CO) is commonly the most abundant molecular component in interstellar and circumstellar icy grain mantles. The CO molecule is also the second most abundant, after H2, in the gas phase of the interstellar medium. The CO gas abundances observed toward cold regions suggest that a non-thermal desorption mechanism is active. Therefore, numerous experimental studies were devoted to search for a non-thermal desorption mechanism of pure CO ice, such as photodesorption. Most works reported in astrophysical journals characterize the solid CO samples using IR spectroscopy, which allows a comparison of laboratory data to observations of CO in icy grain mantles. In this talk, we will present our studies of photodesorption of astrophysical ices in the past few years , and introduce you to a novel phenomenon of X-ray irradiation of interstellar ices.