2021 / 08 / 26

【Recruiting】 The Cold Atomic Matter Wave Laboratory looking for postgraduates and undergraduate students.

[Cold Atomic Matter Wave Laboratory is looking for postgraduates and undergraduate students]
The main research topics of this laboratory are precision measurement, quantum optics, and quantum information.

Currently the laboratory has two experimental systems.
The first experimental system is based on cold atoms, and the main body has been established. It’s mainly discussing the interaction of light and atoms on the matter wave characteristics, including the influence and measurement of wave functions, superposition states, and homology.

The second experimental system is based on hot atoms and is establishing. It is mainly to explore how to use light to effectively measure the changes of atoms that are affected by the external environment through quantum optics. Such as speed, acceleration, and magnetic fields.

In addition to related physics, the laboratory also uses technologies such as optics, programming, electronic circuits, microwaves, and numerical analysis, etc. Students who are interested in these topics is very welcomed to join us!

Please find:
Guan, Pei-Chen Assistant Professor
Mailbox: pckuan@phys.ncku.edu.tw