2022 / 02 / 11

【Announcement】 Department of Physics TA- Classroom Equipment Study Course.

** Date: 111/02/15 (Tuesday)
** Time: 5:00 p.m.
** Location: Room 36173, 1F, Department of Physics
** For the lunch box, please be sure to fill in the form before 12:00 noon of 2/14

Registration URL: https://forms.gle/WtDQnRnCLbe1dwvb6

** Teaching content: 36173.36169 classroom live stream/ Recording and relevant equipment operation/ The use of recorders (for other classrooms)/ the booking of video recorders
** It is recommended that students who have exercised the operations in the last semester can come reviewing it again.
** New teaching assistants who have never operated, please be sure! Be sure! Be sure! To attend this course
** If the teacher wants to handle the online course by himself, he/she may decide whether to enroll in this course