2021 / 11 / 11

【Recruiting】Research assistant for Professor Lu, Qin-Shan's laboratory

【Company Name】
 Condensed Matter Laboratory, Department of Physics, NCKU

【Job Vacancies】
Contracted research assistants for research projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology

【Work Content】
1. Assist the Ministry of Science and Technology project (synthesis of inorganic compounds and single crystal samples of two-dimensional materials)
2. Handle administrative affairs related to the project (accounting and purchasing consumables)
3. Other tasks assigned.

Education: Domestic or foreign Bachelor/Master degree in Science or Engineering departments. Such as, Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Chemical engineering, etc.
Ability: Experience in inorganic chemical synthesis, material metallurgy, or solid-state physics experiments is preferred. With general computer word processing and editing capabilities.
Personality: Lively personality, responsible, willing to learn, patient, detail-oriented, and flexible to accept changes in work content.

【Work place】
Condensed Matter Laboratory (Professor Lu, Qin-Shan), Department of Physics, National Cheng-Kung University, Da-xue Road, Tainan City

【Work hours】
Weekdays 09:00~18:00 including one-hour lunch break.

Break on weekends and national holidays.

【Company Welfare】
After working for a full year, year-end bonus 1.5 months. (Calculated in proportion, if less than a year)
After working for a full year, seven days of annual break.

Bachelor's degree 33045, Master's degree 37410. Salary will be adjusted according to the regulations of the Ministry of Science and Technology after one year.

【Number of people in demand】
1 person

【Contact Person/Contact Method】
Interested parties please prepare resume, autobiography, master's thesis (for those with a master's degree), copy of graduation certificate, and any other bonus materials.

Send it to:
Dr. Guo, Jia-Nong
E-mail: kuochianung@gmail.com 
Tel: 06-2757575 ext. 65252 ext. 161

Please indicate "Applicant for Project Assistant-OOO (your name)" in the subject of the letter