2023 / 09 / 15

【Scholarship】 The Golden Jade underprivileged student Scholarship is now open for applications until October 10th. (Limited to undergraduate students, freshmen can use their high school transcripts.) For those who are interested and meet the criteria, ple

Origin of Scholarship:
In recognition of the hardships endured and the nurturing provided by Mr. Peng Jinxi and the Mrs. Qiu Yudan, parents of our alumni from the Class of 1984, Professor Peng Dongqing (Department of Electrical Engineering), this scholarship was established to support and reward outstanding students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

● This scholarship is donated by Professor Peng Dongqing.
● The scholarship is worth NT$20,000 per student, awarded once per academic year, with one to two recipients (determined by the number of eligible applicants).
● Eligibility:
1. Undergraduate students majoring in physics at National Cheng Kung University.
2. Applicants must have an average semester score of 65 or above (freshmen can use their high school transcripts).
3. Students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds or those facing economic hardship (attach proof of financial hardship or an explanation of your family's financial situation, with priority given to those with proof from local government authorities).
● Required application documents:
1. Application form (please provide a detailed self-introduction and description of your family's financial situation).
2. One copy of your transcript and student ID.
3. One copy of your family's previous year's comprehensive income tax information.
● Application review process:
The scholarship will be reviewed by Professor Peng Dongqing, and the results will be announced by the department office. The award will be presented by Ms. Qiu Yudan or the department head on a chosen date.

For those interested and eligible, please prepare your application materials and submit them to Ms. Chen Liwei of the department office before October 25th, 2023.
Application Form Download: [Link to Application Form]

1. The underprivileged student Scholarship is not awarded based on academic performance.
2. Please email the electronic copy of the application form to Ms. Chen: monica@phys.ncku.edu.tw
3. Explanation of family's financial situation (For those in urgent need of financial assistance due to unforeseen circumstances, please provide the proof).
**If you have any questions, feel free to email or call extension 65206.