2021 / 11 / 30

【2022 Master Enrollment】Attention for students on the waiting list: The vacancy circular emails will be sent out after 2021/11/30, please pay close attention to your mailbox and the inquire system.

2022 master candidates of the Institute of Physics:
[Please go to https://nbk.acad.ncku.edu.tw/netcheckin/index.php?c=quall_rwd at least once a week to inquire your status and registration time]
1. For those who have been notified by email, please follow the instructions to express your intention to study and apply for registration, and start looking for an advisor.
2. Those who fail to respond their intention within the time limit, or who fail to register in accordance with the regulations, are deemed to give up their admission qualification.
3. Attention, if the status of the students on the waiting list is reported but has not received any email or phone notifications (probably due to some technical issues), please contact Ms. Lin: 06-2757575 ext. 65257 during office hours at least 1 day before the registration deadline. For any delay, students should be responsible for the consequences.
4. Before registering, you must go online (path: NCKU website/administrative unit/department of academic affairs/registration division/online service/student/new students' basic information) to log in and provide relevant information (make sure the email address provided will be still valid by March 10, 2022) for the notification message of the second phase of registration.
5. The information in point 4 must be completed before the registration (you don’t have to print it out). When registering, your basic information will be checked; those who have not completed the form will not be able to register.