2022 / 03 / 26 / Date:[2022 / 03 / 26 ~ 2022 / 09 / 30]

【Announcement】111th academic year Master Student Admissions

【Please go to https://nbk.acad.ncku.edu.tw/netcheckin/index.php?c=quall_rwd at least twice a week to inquire about your waiting status and check-in time】
Check-in time: Please focus on the content of the E-mail notification. The admission qualifications of those who do not register within the registration period will be cancelled, and the vacancy will be replaced by candidates in waiting list in sequence.

Please read the registration notice carefully
●Fill out the basic information and comprehensive information form of new students, and upload a photo (for student ID card, the photo specification should be followed ). Please fill in the address after admission and log in to the basic information of new students on NCKU website (click the link) (you can query your student ID).

●The required paper documents for submission:
1. Basic information form for freshmen
2. Comprehensive information form for freshmen
3. Photocopy of graduation certificate (original copy is required for inspection), or Affidavit Letter (click the link)
4. Military Service Questionnaire (a copy of the ID card is required, even if you had finished your military service). (For male only)
5. Proof of applying for the examination with equivalent academic qualifications, certificate of foreign academic qualifications, and consent form for continuing education for on-the-job students. (Optional)
●The registration method is as follows. The admission qualifications of those who do not register within the registration period will be cancelled.
On-site check-in: Please follow the COVID-19 regulations. Be sure to wear a mask, scan the QR code, measure your body temperature and enter with others after your body temperature is normal.
Location: Department Office, 3rd Floor, Department of Physics, Science Teaching Building, Cheng-Kung Campus
Time: Please focus on the content of the E-mail notification.

●Contact number: 06-2757575 # 65257 Ms. Zeng
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Things you should know after registration:
1. If you want to withdraw, please submit the waiver statement (or contact by phone) before 8/20, but it is recommended to do it so as soon as possible.
2. The confirmation letter of the advisor (download from the department website) can be submitted after registration and before the semester begins.
3. Be sure to use the mailbox of "student number@gs.ncku.edu.tw" during the semester, and the relevant information should not be missed.
4. If you want to apply for credit waiver or transfer, you must submit complete paper documents (download the application form from the department website) to the department office no later than the new semester starting day. After the review, you can fill in the information and upload it in the school credit system.
5. "Registration + course selection + body examination for new students" is required before the start of the new semester. The student ID card will be issued by email in the new semester.
6. For other unmentioned matters, please read the registration notice and relevant website of the school carefully.