2022 / 06 / 06 / Date:[2022 / 06 / 06 ~ 2022 / 09 / 01]

【Announcement】 Degree Exam Flexibility Mechanism of 110-2 Semester

1. Please refer to the announcement of the registrar division for the content of the flexible mechanism of the degree examination:
Announcement of the Course Affairs Group (click the link)
2. The application deadline for this semester’s degree examination has been extended to August 10, and the deadline for submitting the oral examination results has been extended to August 31 (so the latest date of the degree examination is August 31).
3. Due to the postponement of the degree examination in this semester, the application date for the degree examination in the first semester of the 111 academic year has been adjusted to August 21, 2022. Until then, the website will be opened for application.