2022 / 09 / 07

Starting from September 23, 2022, students can apply for their certificates of class ranking of all semesters.

Precautions for the admission of postgraduate students in the 2023 academic year
The registration for the master's class audition is about to start. Please refer to NCKU General Academic Affair Division [Master's degree audition] admissions page
Or the relevant announcements under [Physics Department Website> Department Announcements > Admissions].

Pre-graduate students, please note that for registration-related matters are referred to the admissions brochure, and please complete the registration and payment to the school within the time limit (not to the department office!!!).
For questions related to the registrations, please ask NCKU General Academic Affair Division first. The school will review the application eligibility and whether the documents are complete. Students who pass the review will be considered to have successfully registered for the master's program and will enter the audition process of the department.