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【Apply for Coursera】Important! For junior and sophomore students of Department of Physics _ Can be recognized as the 【elective credits from foreign department】. (Graduation credits _the maximum " elective credits from foreign department" is 25 credits), a

To junior and sophomore students of Department of Physics:

In total of 30 accounts will be released by Department of Physics.
With an exclusive Coursera account (for one year), you can select online Coursera courses (in English) provided by 20 departments of NCKU flexibly in the 2022 Spring and 2023 Fall semester (including those offered by departments as Winter and Summer courses).
After selecting the courses in this semester, you need to finish the online course before NCKU’s final exam week, so that teachers can upload the grades. Passing at least 8 credits are required for this full year. The account is bounded for one full year and cannot be withdrawn halfway unless you take a break or drop out of school.

1. Coursera online courses are offered by various departments of NCKU (NCKU Course System->Remote Courses->Coursera Courses), those who pass the course will receive a course completion certificate.
2. Get the exclusive account (one year) for free (worth about 15000NTD).
3. Students can plan their learning progress and time independently and are not restricted by the class schedule. (The credits of the winter and summer vacation courses can also be recognized as graduation credits of [elective credits from foreign departments].
4. Get in touch with teachers and courses from other world-class universities, train professional English skills, and develop interdisciplinary learning.
5. Besides the elective courses in NCKU Coursera area, students who apply for an exclusive account can also study or listen to tens of thousands of courses on the Coursera platform for extending learning. *But the credits will not be recognized as graduation credits.

Apply qualifications:
1. Only juniors and sophomores can apply. (However, juniors are given priority because sophomores still have the opportunity to apply for the next year). After the application deadline of the department office, the quota will be transferred to the sophomores if the quota of juniors were not used up.

Department Office application deadline: (The google registration form will be open for registration at Dec. 16th , 2022 9:00)
The system will be open from December 16th , 2022 9:00 to December 24th , 2022 17:00.

**Note 1: NCKU Course Selection System > Remote Courses > Coursera Course Zone:
 The course selection system of NCKU will display the Coursera courses from 20 departments for students to "check" on Dec. 16th , 2022.
(Students are requested to go to the "Course Selection System" to check and apply for the account from Dec. 16th , 2022 onwards; students who have not obtained the exclusive account cannot enroll the Coursera courses in the system.)

**Note 2: The courses announced by the course selection system on Dec. 16th, 2022 are only for 2022 spring semester and winter courses. 2023 Fall semester and summer courses will be announced in the course selection system in about June 2023.
 (The following are the courses planned by the Department of Physics: 2022 Spring & 2023 Fall & 2023 Fall summer courses, please go to Coursera first to check the content)
The Coursera elective courses recognized as [elective credits from foreign departments] offered by Department of Physics. (Maximum 25 credits):
No. Course Name Offered by Level Lecturer Recommended Grade Course Hours (Rating) Credits Application Form Link Semester
1 Data-driven Astronomy
Kwan-Lok Li Intermediate Coursera Lecturer
Third grade
24 hours
1 Data-driven Astronomy https://www.coursera.org/learn/data-driven-astronomy 2022 Spring
2 Astrobiology: Exploring Other Worlds Kwan-Lok Li Beginner  Coursera Lecturer Third grade 24 hours
1 Astrobiology: Exploring Other Worlds https://www.coursera.org/learn/astrobiology-exploring-other-worlds 2023 Fall
3 Analyzing the Universe Kwan-Lok Li Beginner  Coursera Lecturer Third grade 22 hours
1 Analyzing the Universe https://www.coursera.org/learn/analyze 2023 Fall & Summer course
4 Density Functional Theory Jan-Chi Yang Advanced Coursera Lecturer Third grade 25 hours
1 Density Functional Theory https://www.coursera.org/learn/density-functional-theory 2023 Fall
5 Transmission electron microscopy for materials science Jan-Chi Yang Intermediate Coursera Lecturer Third grade 46 hours
2.5 Transmission electron microscopy for materials science https://www.coursera.org/learn/microscopy 2023 Fall & Summer course
6 From the Big Bang to Dark Energy Jan-Chi Yang Biginner Coursera Lecturer Third grade 31 hours
1.5 From the Big Bang to Dark Energy https://www.coursera.org/learn/big-bang 2023 Fall & Summer course

Result announcing:
(1) The list of approved applications will be announced on Dec. 26th , 2022. If there are more than 30 junior applicants, the list will be selected by draw on Dec. 28th , 2022 and the account will be bound with the NCKU @gs. account.
(2) If there are less than 30 junior applicants, the quota will be transferred to sophomores. However, if the number of applicants for the sophomore year is greater than the number of residuals, the sophomore list will also be selected by draw and bounded to the NCKU @gs. Account afterward.

Formal course selection:
On Dec. 29th , 2022: The department selects 30 places, and the school will bind the exclusive Coursera account (student@gs email account). Students will be able to enter the student course selection system and take Coursera courses after the opening of the first stage of course selection on Jan. 10th , 2023.

Each course on Coursera has a custom-planned course hours, quizzes, peer ratings or small reports, etc., which need to be completed (tests, etc. can be repeated) in order to obtain a course completion certificate. The time limit for obtaining the certificate of course completion is equivalent to the time limit for the final examination of the current physical teaching (see the syllabus for details). The teacher will use the "Certificate of Course Completion" as the basis for grading. If the course completion certificate is not obtained before the final exam at the end of the semester (or the school's regulations for winter and summer vacations), the course will be assessed as a failure.

1. If the Coursera [Chinese course name] offered by another department is the same as the required and elective course names of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in the Department of Physics, please do not take it. In order not to be recognized as graduation credits. (For example: “Mechanics” course provided by Department of Materials of NCKU offers an elective course on Coursera, but "Mechanics" is already a compulsory course in department of physics in the sophomore year. So, the course cannot be repeated.)
** Compulsory and elective subjects of Department of Physics (see the link as a reference).

2.Coursera courses: can also be withdrawn. The withdrawal rules are the same as those stipulated by NCKU.
According to Article 7 of NCKU’s course selection method, the application for withdrawing from the course should be processed online in the course selection system four weeks before the final exam. Please keep an eye on the deadline.

3. What is the calculation method of summer course grades?
Summer school grades are recorded according to the scores filled by the teacher and are not discounted; however, the grades are not included in the average score of the current semester but will be included in the average score when graduating.

4. Is there different phase for summer courses? What is the online registration and class time?
There is only one course phase for summer courses, and the courses of fall and spring semesters are taught at the same time.  The online registration time is about the end of June, and the class time is about early July to early September, with a total of 9 weeks of teaching.

5. Can Coursera courses be converted into general education credits?
At present, the general education center has not confirmed it, students should consider that the credits cannot be converted. We will make an announcement in the future when there are new regulations revised by the General Education Center. (Or confirm with the General Education Center by yourself)

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