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*online talk* Conformal Symmetry and Nonequilibrium Dynamics in Strongly Interacting Atomic Gasses

Speaker : Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. Jeff Maki (INO-CNR PItaevskii BEC Center, Italy)
Time : 2023 / 12 / 28 15:00
Room 36567, 5F, Department of Physics, Science Building
*online talk*
The study of nonequilibrium dynamics has become a vibrant area of cold atom research. The exceptional experimental techniques employed in laboratories has led to a systematic study of a myriad of nonequilibrium phenomena. Understanding such phenomena analytically is much more difficult as the tools required to study nonequilibrium dynamics are less developed. In this talk, we examine one particular tool of use to strongly interacting atomic gasses: non-relativistic conformal symmetry.
This symmetry heavily constrains the dynamics of harmonically trapped quantum gasses, leading to universal symmetry protected nonequilibrium dynamics which can be probed in experiments. I will show how the non-relativistic conformal symmetry arises in strongly interacting scale invariant quantum gasses, and how it can be used to not only describe the expansion dynamics of scale invariant gasses, but also how it can be used to classify the dynamics of atomic gasses that explicitly break the non-relativistic conformal symmetry.

Onsite+Online(via webex): https://nckucc.webex.com/nckucc/j.php?MTID=m79b0c6af0d20400e1ae5da1020b6c34d