Job interview seminar

How filaments shape star formation

Speaker : Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr. Seamus Clarke (Academia Sinica, Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics)
Time : 2024 / 01 / 02 14:00
Room 36567, 5F, Department of Physics, Science Building
Star formation is a process covering orders of magnitude in spatial and density scales, manifesting as a hierarchy of interacting structures. This necessitates that any complete study of this process must be multi-scale by nature. In this talk I will present my work on how filaments across spatial scales impact and shape star formation, from >10 pc molecular clouds down to 100 AU protostellar disks. Using a combination of numerical hydrodynamical simulations with molecular line and dust continuum observations, I will focus on addressing a number of open questions surrounding filaments: How do filaments fragment into cores/clumps? How does material pass through filaments into cores and down to disks? How are filaments shaped by their environment? How does feedback interact with filaments?

Onsite+Online(via webex): https://nckucc.webex.com/nckucc/j.php?MTID=md9fef9578efaee5f963182d06f941f52