Physics department (Colloquium)

Synthetic gauge potentials for the dark state polaritons in atomic media

Speaker : Prof. Wen-Te Liao 廖文德 (NCU ; X-ray quantum optics)
Time : 2024 / 03 / 08 14:10
Room 36102, 1F, Department of Physics, Science Building
The quest of utilizing neutral particles to simulate the behavior of charged particles in a magnetic field makes the generation of the
artificial magnetic field of great interest. We put forward an optical scheme to generate effective gauge potentials for stationary-light
polaritons in the static laboratory frame. To demonstrate the capabilities of our approach, we present a recipe for having dark-state polaritons in degenerate Landau levels. Our scheme paves a novel way towards a versatile quantum simulator for mimicking different Hamiltonians by electromagnetically induced transparency
[1] Y.-H. Kuan, et. al., Phys. Rev. Research 5, L042029 (2023).