2022 / 03 / 03

【Student Aid Application of Physics Dept】Please turn in the application form before Mar. 17, 2022

Student Aid Application of Physics Dept.
1. Students of undergraduate and graduate programs in the Dept. of Physics who are in need of financial assistance because of personal major incidents.

2. Applications will be taken twice a year. Evaluations will be completed and student aid issued at the beginning of March and October. Emergencies will be evaluated immediately.
3. Student aid of $ 2000~$8000/month (determined after evaluation) will be issued for six months for every application starting September and March. Priorities will be given to students with certificates of underprivileged families. Student aid will be terminated in cases of suspension, dismissal and graduation.
4. Please turn in all the required documents and application form to Physics department Office before Mar. 17, 2022.
Contact person: Ms. Chen (Monica)
Email: monica@phys.ncku.edu.tw

Check here to download  the application form:  http://ppt.cc/fHuhix