2022 / 05 / 30 / Date:[2022 / 05 / 30 ~ ]

【Announcement】Oral examination of master and doctoral degree【Turnitin thesis comparison system】 Suggestions for handling different results when the same file is submitted at different times.

The same article or with mere adjustment, but Turnitin reports a large percentage difference result. The possible reasons for the difference are:
1. Upgrade of Turnitin database, the compared literature was not included before.
2. The comparison technology of the Turnitin system has been updated and optimized with a increased sensitivity.

In this case, it is recommended that you:
Enter the Turnitin system and check the color-coded parts one by one. See if it satisfied the academic ethics writing standards.
If it satisfied the standards, it is only because it is similar to other people's research fields, citing the same literature, similar writing style, etc.,
It can be dealt with temporarily using Exclude Small Sources, Exclude Bibliography, Exclude Citations.
But the premise is: students must check one by one and discuss and confirm with the advisor before implementing.

Instructional video:
1. Exclude small sources, exclude bibliography, and exclude cited materials from student’s side. Please refer to the following video for operation (3 minutes 52 seconds)
2. The teacher side excludes the setting of teaching videos (teachers need to have a Turnitin teacher account)
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