2023 / 07 / 19

Announcement for Credit Exemption Application for Master's and Ph.D. Freshmen – 2023 Academic Year

1. Eligibility: Master's and Ph.D. freshmen.
2. Requirements: Applicants must have obtained a grade of seventy or above in the courses taken before, and the credits must not be included in the minimum required credits for graduation.
3. Application Deadline: The application for credit exemption should be completed during the first semester of the academic year of admission (or transfer). For new students (including transfer students) and students transferring between departments (programs, minors or divisions), the application should be completed within one week from the start of the first semester of enrollment (based on the academic calendar).
*Application period for the upcoming Fall semester: August 1st, 2023, to September 8th, 2023.
4. Application Procedure: Within the application period, please upload the academic transcripts to: https://nckustory.ncku.edu.tw/credit/index.php for further processing of credit exemption matters.
※ Non-department students must attach course outlines (including course names, brief descriptions, teacher information, language of instruction, course schedules, textbook cover and table of contents, and other relevant information) for review. Applicants seeking credit exemption for courses not taken in the Department of Physics must submit the credits earned in their previous master's program to the original school's academic affairs office. The final decision on whether the exemption is approved will be made by the instructor of the relevant course commissioned by the curriculum committee.
5. Application Instructions: Please refer to the regulations for course study and credit exemption for the Physics Master's and Ph.D. programs: https://www.phys.ncku.edu.tw/document/10/