2023 / 08 / 08

**Professor Li Ding-Wen Memorial Scholarship (Pine Category) - NT$12,000 for Each Recipient** Please send the application to NCKU Student Assistance Division.

Application Deadline: September 12th, 2023. Submit to the Student Assistance Division.

Li Ding-Wen Scholarship Application Form: [Link to the Application Form]
* Scholarship Announcement *
Scholarship Name: Lee Ding-Wen Memorial Scholarship (Pine Category) by the Successful Culture Foundation
Number of Scholarships: 4 recipient available at NCKU
Amount: NT$12,000 per recipient
Eligibility Criteria:
1. Department Criteria: Mathematics Department, Physics Department, Chemistry Department, Earth Sciences Department, Civil Engineering Department
2. Regional Criteria: No restrictions
3. Identity Criteria: No restrictions
4. Identity Limitations: No limitations (c0088-010)
5. Other Criteria: No restrictions
6. Academic Performance: 2022 Academic Year, all semesters - Academic: 60, Conduct: 60, Physical Education: 60, Military Training: 60

Required Documents:
1. Completed Application Form (1 copy)
2. Transcript (1 copy)
3. Proof of Enrollment (please obtain from the Registration Office) (1 copy)

Application Deadline: September 12th, 2023

Notes: All documents should be submitted to the Student Assistance Division. The Physics department office will not take responsibility for incomplete or missing documents.