Course announcement
2021 / 02 / 01

【General Physics/Physics Experiment course for Students from Other Departments】 Notifications for Course Selection

【Students from Other Departments (including double minors and students from other universities)】If manual selection or class changes are needed for required courses General Physics/Physics Experiment, please follow the instruction below:
1.There is a limitation on the number of students for Physics Experiment so that every student can participate in person in the experiments. Therefore, the student list is directly imported by the school system. Students are not allowed to select courses online. It is also not recommended to withdraw at will.
2.Compulsory Physics Experiment for NCKU students: If you want to add/drop it, please be sure to obtain the signature of Mr. Yang, Guo-Liang, the administrator of the Physics Experiment (the General Physics Laboratory, 2nd flour, Physics Department). The signature of the instructor will not be accepted. The department will manually add or cancel student from the list.
3.Compulsory General Physics for NCKU students: If you want to add/drop it, please be sure to obtain the signature from the instructor of the course, take it back to the unit that the course was established for further add/drop processes (ex. Physics Department Office can only handle General Physics with the course number starting with C2).
4.Compulsory General Physics for NCKU students: If the class is full, no more students will be accepted for any reason. *If the course is switched to an online style due to the covid 19 pandemic or other reasons, please ask the instructor if the course can still be selected.

*** Physics Department Office 【can only handle courses starting with C2 and L2 (Code of Physics Department)】. For non-C2/L2 courses, please go to the course establish department/institute/program office to process the add/drop issues.
***The endorsement form of the Department of Physics is for special cases regarding adding/dropping a course. If needed, please go to the department websiteàdownload area to download. For the endorsement form of other departments, please ask the offices of other departments.