2022 / 02 / 10

【Announcement】110-2 General Physics Experiment course addition process

110-2 General Experiment course addition process

The general physics laboratory is responsible for the additions of General Physics Experiment courses. The teachers of each class are not responsible for it.

If you want to be added into the course, please bring the add-in form of each department to Mr. Yang Guo-liang of the General Physics Laboratory within the week start from 2/14, and indicate your grade, department, and whether you are a fresh graduate.

Note: Students who want to be added in Monday or Tuesday classes, the result will be directly determined by the General Physics Laboratory due to the course participant limit. Mr. Yang will inform the result of the addition to students.
à Students take the add-in form to the department where the course is offered.

Note: The departments only accept the add-on forms approved by the General Physics Laboratory.